Summary of ProstaLund's historical development


The first study where Schelin Catheter® was used before water vapor therapy is published.


Signs distribution agreements with UK, Israel, Brazil, Spain, China, and Italy.

Schelin Catheter® & CoreFlow® Soft Stent are used in conjunction with other BPE treatments for the first time.

A registry study is presented at the Swedish Urology Days showing a lower risk of prostate cancer and related mortality with CoreTherm® than TUR-P.

Dr. Fredrik Stenmark gets a study published showing that CoreTherm® has eminent long-term results in patients with a prostate larger than 80 g.


Becomes Nordic distributor of the flow meter Oruflow.


Launches the product CoreFlow® Soft Stent and receives CoreTherm® agreements with private healthcare providers in Stockholm.


The company changes its strategy and decides to focus on the Nordic countries.

2018 - 2019

ProstaLund switched its stock market from Spotlight to Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

The Specialty Council in Urology in the Stockholm Region highlights TUMT (transurethral microwave therapy, CoreTherm®) as a well-established and evidence-based minimally invasive treatment that is well suited for outpatient specialist care.

In a long-term follow-up, the County Hospital in Kalmar shows that CoreTherm® patients have just as good long-term results as those who have had a surgical procedure. CoreTherm® is becoming increasingly accepted within the urology society in the Nordic region.

Agreement signed with Norway's largest private urology clinic.


Magnus Bolmsjö, founder of ProstaLund and its CEO between the years 2003 – 2006 is engaged by the new owners to lead the restart and move to Lund. Focus on building up the sales organization. The company also initiated research to investigate CoreTherm's effect on prostate cancer.


The owners and the board of directors who were responsible for the move to Uppsala are leaving the company. The new major owners will be Bo Håkansson and William Gunnarsson.


New ownership structure, management, and board move operations from Lund to Uppsala.


Start-up of own sales company in Orlando, USA.


Schelin Catheter was CE marked.


FDA approval and start operations in the US. Agreements are made with a major US distributor for the US.


CE brand of CoreTherm.


The company is founded by Associate Professor Magnus Bolmsjö in Lund.